Monday, 23 March 2015


In this weeks session with Karen we talked about sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. It's a subject I'm quite passionate about, and I wrote a piece on it for Esther's unit (Digital application and Creative drawing) in the beginning of the course, which I can leave a link to at the end of this post.

When I grew up I wasn't as fortunate as some people, so instead of getting new dresses from my birthday, I got my brothers old sweater, since it was getting too small for him. Whenever I used to shopping, my mother always used to ask me "When will you wear this?" and now, this is a question I always ask myself.  If I can only think of 2-3 different occasions to wear it, I wouldn't buy it. Other questions like "How would I wear it?", "What can I pair it with?" Also pops into my mind. At the time I wasn't conscious about sustainability, but rather money issues. When I thought about it, it kind of goes together. Do you spend money on thousands of clothing pieces you're going to wear once or twice, or do you spend good money on a couple of timeless pieces you can wear over and over again by pairing it differently and layering?

Nowadays, almost every high street store has a "sustainable collection" such as H&M conscious and Topshop's collaboration with Reclaim To Wear. Now sustainable fashion is targeting a younger generation. Hopefully the sustainable fashion becomes a general way of fashion instead of being limited to only one collection.

My collage on Hellen Van Rees, who used remnant threads from a knitting factory.

Link for my written piece coming up soon.

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