Monday, 13 April 2015


Hello! I was supposed to do some work on my portfolio during Easter, but I had a bit of a setback. When I went to London to get my fabrics for my other unit (Design: Process and application), my purse (which had my USB and my phone) got stolen.

Some of my recent work is lost, but I did have most of my work backed up. So today during my independent study, I put some of my pictures of my design manual from Digital Fashion in my portfolio. I have also planned to scan my work for Creative Practice again, which I will edit and put into my portfolio by the end of this week.

I also redid some of my other pages in my portfolio, however I find it really hard to place them nicely and add annotations... I think it looks a little bit messy, but I'll leave it like this for the moment, and redo it later. I might go to the library and look at some publications for some ideas.

After lunch I focused on Karens part of the unit. Next week we'll have a mock interview for the job that we've chosen. I chose a job as a technical designers at Beyond Retro. I've been researching the company and the job position, and I've been thinking that this is a job that I actually want to do. I love Beyond Retro's look on sustainable fashion and how they seek to recycle used clothing and reconstruct them to make something new.

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