Monday, 27 April 2015


I've been making a lot of changes on my portfolio lately, which has made me fall a little bit behind. So now, I'm just trying to put as much work in my portfolio as possible, and neaten it up closer to hand in day.  I changed my first 3-4 pages, but I think still it looks a bit messy for some reason. I've also put some work in from my white shirt project and pictures of my publication. 

I don't have as much sketchbook work from my white shirt project as I would like, so these pages are looking a bit empty at the moment. Hopefully, when I have some more scans and pictures of my actual shirt, it will look alright. 

Monday, 20 April 2015


In this weeks session we talked about two things. Interviews and about out blogposts on ethical fashion. Some people in our group wrote about how some companies uses plastic in their garments, such a G-star Raw who uses recycled plastic from the ocean, and Levi's also uses recycled water bottles in their jeans. 

I've never heard about this before, and I found it quite interesting how plastic (which is something I don't really associate with fashion, but the kitchen) could be used in a sustainable way in the fashion industry. Over 1 million plastic bottles are used every 20 minute in the US, and Levi's Waste <Less uses 8 bottles to make one pair of jeans. How cool is that?


And for the interviews bit. We learned about what to do, and what not do to. I've always found interviews a bit hard, but after today I'm quite confident after today's lesson. We had a mock interview with all the other student, similar to "speed dating", where we had 2 minutes and then had to go to the next person. It was really fun and mentally tiring. It's like having to sell yourself in 2 minutes, and then moving on trying to do it 9 times. 

Monday, 13 April 2015


Hello! I was supposed to do some work on my portfolio during Easter, but I had a bit of a setback. When I went to London to get my fabrics for my other unit (Design: Process and application), my purse (which had my USB and my phone) got stolen.

Some of my recent work is lost, but I did have most of my work backed up. So today during my independent study, I put some of my pictures of my design manual from Digital Fashion in my portfolio. I have also planned to scan my work for Creative Practice again, which I will edit and put into my portfolio by the end of this week.

I also redid some of my other pages in my portfolio, however I find it really hard to place them nicely and add annotations... I think it looks a little bit messy, but I'll leave it like this for the moment, and redo it later. I might go to the library and look at some publications for some ideas.

After lunch I focused on Karens part of the unit. Next week we'll have a mock interview for the job that we've chosen. I chose a job as a technical designers at Beyond Retro. I've been researching the company and the job position, and I've been thinking that this is a job that I actually want to do. I love Beyond Retro's look on sustainable fashion and how they seek to recycle used clothing and reconstruct them to make something new.