Friday, 13 May 2016


So, this week has beeline of the most stressful weeks in my life, being ill and trying to finish two garments. Sadly, I don't think I will be done by the time Kait comes in today. It's still 9am, so I'm going to try and finish the lining on the jacket, and the hem on the dress.

I'm pretty proud thought, to have done as much as I've done considering I cut out on Tuesday and starting sewing on Tuesday evening. (hand in - Friday 13.may) So, yeah, I've managed to speed through it pretty quickly. I had a little meltdown yesterday, not even starting my jacket until midday yesterday. Thankfully, Abbie and Ellie came in and helped me with it. So most of it is done.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tuesday - week 9

So, today has been an absolute shit day, to put it nicely. I've spent most of the day trying to cu tour both my garments. The leather jacket, Ellie and I struggled for hours trying to fit on the skin. We had to add some suede panels because we didn't have enough of the foil leather. After adding the suede, we still didn't have enough, so we had to cut the sleeves in half and have them as panels.

I apologise for not having any photos to this post, I took loads of pictures throughout the day, but when I came home I realised by phone is broken, and it's literally not saving or deleting any photos.
The other problem that came up is that the leather is "cracking?" It's really fragile around the edges, and starting to tear slightly, so I need to back it.

Everything is going horribly slow, hand in is on Friday, and I'm slightly panicking now... Hopefully, I'll sort out my phone so I can upload some photos.

UPDATE: I've managed to restore all the lost photos.

Monday, 9 May 2016


Hello! even though it's Monday, I've felt like I'm non stop working. I thought I would already have cut out in my final fabric by Friday, but some of the amendments has taken me some time, also today I also toiled the jacket with lining, just to make sure everything works, so I don't mess up when I'm actually sewing on leather... And we had some issues sorting out if we wanted a half lining, how to finish the edges and so on. So eventually, we ended up doing a lining in the whole jacket except the peplum, and also leaving the edges raw and painting them.

I also planned to cut out all my pattern pieces today, but the situation didn't really allow that. The fabric I initially wanted to use for my shirt dress, I realised the stripes went horizontally instead of vertically. And with my pattern pieces being so long, I couldn't lay them the other way. I wanted to use another fabric, but by that time everyone had left and I couldn't access the cupboard.

So hopefully everything will go more smoothly tomorrow. The other thing that slowed me down as well, is the lack on organisation on my side. Keeping all my pattern pieces organised and planning the day. And the fact that I'm still ill is affecting my normal work ethic...

On the bright side, Ellie and I has decided to work on the leather jacket together. Hopefully this will make it easier, and give us both experience on the leather machines.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Final toiles

So this week has just been about pushing my toilet out. Sadly, I've been not feeling to well this week, struggling with severe hay fever and an actual fever, but luckily I had a sewing machine at home, so I cut everything out at uni and made it all at home.

I made a new toilet of the shirt dress. Is was pretty much OK'd, I just had to take in a centimeter around the arms. And with the jacket (that I will add a photo of later), it's pretty much done, just needed to do the patterns for the lining and some amendments.

But yes, I went in on Saturday in the studio, did all the pattern changes, and hopefully ready to cut on Monday.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Toile review, leather jacket amendments

So on Tuesday, we had a look at the toile for the leather jacket. Not much too me done, just have to do some amendments and also make a pattern for the facing, lining and attach the zip to see the fit. Also had a problem with the sleeves so I unpinned one, and redid one of them.

Most of the day consisted of redoing some patterns, for both the leather jacket and shirt dress, because I didn't have calico. However, I've ordered some today, hopefully I'll have everything ready for Friday, so i can start cutting out and doing the finale make.

Less than two weeks till hand-in, I think I will be struggling a little bit, but hopefully get everything done. Don't really have much of a choice, but it's because of our slow progress that we're so behind at this point. We're not in the studio today, but hopefully if I get to cut everything out, I can sew the toiles at home.

Thursday, 28 April 2016


Hello! These last two weeks has been very stressful as I've tried to sort out how to make the shirt dress worked. I finally figured out how it would work on friday, and started drafting my pattern from a shirt block. Our toile review was this tuesday, so I came in on saturday to cut out all my patterns and ready to sew on monday.

I finished most of the dress on monday, but I had to get some help on the leather jacket. Thankfully, Ellie made the toile for the leather jacket and I just gave her my technical drawing. We did some small changes, as for where the zip will be attached.

On tuesday, my toile was close to done, I didn't attach the collar, but I did attach one sleeve to see the fit. We discussed that drafting the dress from the shirt pattern (the basic loose fitting shirt) made it too loose and swallowed the person wearing it. We tried to take it in, but we realised it would be easier to just redraft the pattern from a hip block. Initially, my design was going to have it as a loose shirt dress with a belt cinching the waist, but Iain suggested not to have belt loops (which I wanted) on the dress, since people with different heights would obviously different waists. So, I scrapped that, but decided to still have a belt. I also agreed that the dress looked better if it was more fitted, so I started again. Hopefully it won't take me long as I know how to do it now.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Monday + tuesday

On monday we finally started to start toiling our garments. Most of us were not making our own designs. We decided to swtich things up as, so some of us would be the designer and the other the garment constructed, so we learned how to communicate and explain our designs. However, that didn't happen for me, as... Actually, I'm not sure how that happened, but I think it was that no one volunteered to make my dress, so on friday when I toiled with Kait, I decided I would do it. 

So monday was basically just cutting out and figuring out how to make the dress.

Tuesday was a little more complicated. Iain looked at the board and wasn't very satisfied with what we've decided. Some of the garments wasn't even on the board at the time, because people took them home. So it looked like there were only 2-3 outfits on the board. We had to redo our line up AGAIN (for the 5-6 time), which was frustrating. We also had to decide which fabric each garment could use as we don't have enough of one fabric (the striped one). The process was slow as some people took some of Kaits comment on firday, literally. We were all getting frustrated as we've spent about the whole morning on this process, and toile reviews are next week. Mind you, I still have no clue how to make this dress and on top of that, I also need to make a jacket.

So this is our final (ACTUAL FINAL THIS TIME) line up

After the morning, I talked to Alena about the construction and the technical side of the dress I'm making. We decided to make it a bit more interesting that just attaching a strip of fabric on the sides and hopefully also save a lot of fabric, and it kind of also goes into what I want to do, which is creative pattern cutting. However, this gives me a lot to think about and to work out, because we weren't 100% sure if this would work. I started toiling on a mini mannequin. We decided to try it with different panels at the front.

I also found time to talk to Anna about the report. I have written about the brand and done a SWOT analysis. So hopefully, next tuesday I'll have more to show her.