Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Meeting #3

In our meeting on monday, each of us told everyone about our individual tasks. I told the group about the recycled plastic and consequences with using it, but the group all agreed that it wouldn't be a problem for our product, since the whole point of our product (raincoat), is that it is water resistant, and doesn't need to go in the washing machine. So we're still going with our initial idea of recycled plastic.

And I also discussed with them about being a Bluesign System partner. Bluesign system is basically someone a brand can partner up with to secure that their production is as sustainable as possible. Bluesign partner with a lot of brands such as Adidas, G Star-Raw, Helly Hansen etc. They also partner up with manufacturers and chemical suppliers. We all agreed that this would be a good idea and would be a good long term partnership.

Other things I brought up was that the muse of my consumer profile. Which was Jack Harries from I told him that I thought of his as an endorsement for our brand, because he is someone I think of when I think of "a young professional", he's also passionate about storytelling, travel, environment and sustainability; which I thought went with our brand very well.

We also talked about third party promotion, such as editorials in magazine. And we all agreed on that we wanted to go for a more lifestyle and travel magazine feel, something more clean, humble and rustic. The brands we were thinking were Cereal Magazine and Brygg magazine.

After doing some research, I thought magazines such as Hayo magazine and Sidetracked magazine would be good to collaborate with.

In our group meeting we all had different thoughts on how we wanted our logo to look, so our individual task for some of the people were to make a couple of logo ideas to discuss for our meeting on thursday 21.january 2016.

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