Sunday, 31 January 2016

Quick brand concept development

We will be having a meeting tomorrow, I've been writing a code of condtuct with some key points, but I don't know if it's necessary to write the whole thing. I will talk to the group tomorrow. I think the point of a code of conduct would be essential to us, since we have such strong opinions on ethics and sustainability, but then again, we are trying to colate all our work into the zine tomorrow, and I don't know if we'll need a code of conduct in there? 

So for now, I'm just doing an overview of everything. Since I am not as much involved in the logo making and the design of the website as I would like to be (some of our group member was very excited to do that, so they jumped on it), so I will be doing SWOT's and PEST's of our main competitors, looking up brands, magazines for future collaborations.

Confronting competitive market

The cambridge raincoat company

Main competitors:
Stutterheim, Rains and Hunter.

Young professional, traveller, healthy and sustainable living, bike rides, urban, city living, scandinavian influenced.

- Key success factor
Contemporary rainwear that can be personalized, such as different pockets and coloured panels. Offering seasonal limited edition colours every season.

- Why would a customers prefer your product to your competitors?
Personalizeble, price point - Not as luxurious as stutterheim, but above elka. Involving consumer via social media and design process. Sustainable and ethically made.

- Identity?
Creating a contemporary unisex raincoat which are made out of recycled material and are sustainable and ethically made. We believe in making long lasting products that will keep you dry on your adventures. Sustainability, healthy living, travel and adventure. Strongly influenced by scandinavian lifestyle.

- Product
Raincoats, for the future we will be branching out to kidswear.

-Future coollaborations:
Magazines -
Another escape

Future objectives
To reduce waste and discharge of hazardous chemicals during production. Branch into kidswear and acessories. Make and app for easy access to design.

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