Thursday, 18 February 2016

Presentation day + evaluation

Today we had to present our business idea to Karen, Esther and Una. We've spend a couple of hours practicing with our slides. We also made cards for each of us to write our notes on and a nametag. We also prepared swingtickets an some crayons to give to the panels and a little gift and something to do under our presentation, and something they could post on instagram using our hashtag #yrcolour.

Instagram: Aubfashion

The presentation went well today, and I am very proud of us as a group for what we have achieved an how we have worked together. We have stuck to our roles, but not been afraid to do something that might've been outside our roles. We've helped each other when some of has been struggling. We stuck to our values, and really brought our different ideas and made it something unique.

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