Monday, 21 March 2016

Initial designs and developments

So last week we mainly focused on choosing our final line up of design. Last week on monday we talked about making a range plan and how that works for the kind of collection we're making. The autumn/winter 16/17 collection would go into the christmas season, which mens you would have some eveningwear dresses/shirts, and maybe less daydresses.

So we decided on:
Outerwear – 6  (3 soft, 2 statement, 1 leather good) – Yu Lin, Nicha, Zaida 
Dresses – 8 (3 evening, 5 day dresses)– Bethan, Shaowei, Jingbao, Jade, Abbie
T-shirts/shirts – 7 (3 statement shirts, 4 print shirts)– Ellie, Chloe, Lauren
Trousers/skirts – 6 (3 trousers, 3 skirts)  – Nan, Maisy, Lauren
Loungewear – 8 – Imani, Poppy

Overall, 35 pieces. 

But of course, it might change according our designs.

On tuesday sadly, I was not in because I was ill, but from what I heard from our group, they did some design and had Iain feedback, and then came back with some feefeedbacks to everyone about what our key elements that we want in our designs.

"They feature to consider when designing, and development;
Ruffled necks, mandarin collars, collar and revere  
Lace up (corseting) 
Pleats (sizing) 
Sleeve development
Exaggeration of detail

On friday we got our fabrics, so we could have a more idea what our final outcome will look. We each got a little swatch and continued to design over the weekend for our design selection, which was this monday.

We soon realized that this the key elements we wanted was too broad, which made it very difficult this monday when we had to select our design, as some of it connected very well, but some did not. On our side (outwear), we've been communicating well and made slight changes so it atleast links on our part. So I think the outwear pieces are on lock.

Here are some of my designs

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Range plan

So this week has been a bit difficult and confusing. For me atleast. So we talked about each groups within the womenswear group to have different stories, or to tell different stories and Iain told us that we might've devided us into groups that might not actually help us work better. 

And after researching more into silhouettes and print/textures, we all agreed that we starting going away from the story, but later on we decided to tell all the different sotire through the print. So, it was fine. But we moved the pictures around on the board again, into print/texture and shapes/silhouettes.

We also agreed on a rangeplan - which was quite interesting, I never actually realized that there was a  strategy to the whole process. So for us, designing a fall/winter collection, we could have more of evening dresses (for christmas season) than maybe everyday dresses, maybe more tailoring, and coats. 

We also purchased some leather for both the womenswear and menswear. For womenswear we got a beautiful brown leather with some gunmetal rusty looking foil(?) It goes really well with our whole concept of aftermath and decay. We got this, and we also got some dark brown suede, which both menswear and womenswear are using, to tie the collections together.

This is our range plan - for now atleast, it might change as we make the garments.

Outerwear (includes statement coats, casual/soft jackets  – 6 – Yu Lin, Nicha, Zaida
Dresses (Evening, day dresses, casual – 8 – Bethan, Shaowei, Jingbao, Jade, Abbie
T-shirts/shirts (button ups and casual t shirts)  – 7 – Ellie, Chloe, Lauren
Trousers/skirts – 6 – Nan, Maisy, Lauren
Loungewear – 8 – Imani, Poppy

Sunday, 13 March 2016


On tuesday, Kait Bolongaro came in to hear about our finalized ideas and to look at our boards. She looked at ours and liked out finalized conept and different ideas. However, she decided to pin the board differently. Pinning together colour pallettes, shapes, print ideas and over all theme running through the collection. The way she pinned everything made everything so much clearer and made it a lot easier for every one.

She also asked us to do more research on silhouettes, which was one of the key things missing from our research. We split just before for lunch and did our individual research on shapes that fit best to what we each wants to make. 

I've decided to do outerwear, so this is the research I've done. (Have one more moodboard that I will be puutting up here tomorrow)

In both moodboards I tried to look of modernized shapes and detailing from the victorian era. I quite like the detail of the sleeves, and the shape where it goes in at the waist. 

The other moodboard I have is more focused on literally victorian fashion, and too see what inspired designers today and how they changed it and made it more contemporary. 

After lunch Kait decided to split the womenswear group into smaller groups of 5. Since that would make the communication easier. So we split it so we have different people in each group, 1 outerwear, 1 dress/tops, 1 trousers/skirts, 1 casual outerwear and print floating between all 3 groups. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Overall concept/story

So this week has been about finalizing the consept for all the different groups (menswear, womenswear and communication). On monday everyone pinned their  ideas on boards, and we went though all of them.

Womenswear had a lot of different ideas, being so many people (aroud 15 people I believe), that somewhat kind of tied together in some way. The great fire of London, Spring-Heeled Jack, Darwinism, Crystal Palace, Skulls, Dracula, Teddy Girls and Victorian architecture.

The menswear group was more concentrated since they were only 5 in their group, focusing on the Boar War.

The communicating group had ideas for the film with a lot of visuals.

Each group decided to write down a few key words from their boards, what stood out and what link everything together.

We decided that our condept as a whole would be "Aftermath". Something that runs through everyones concept is something that happens. A traumatic experience that could lead to post traumatic stress. I know in the womenswear group, we came up with the story of a strong woman who has been trhough all these traumatic events and overcome them in some way.

Sunday, 6 March 2016


So, this is my initial iconcepts for the A/W 2016/17 collection for Bolongaro Trevor. Of course, this is just a starting point. 

Womenswear as a group on friday had a little meeting to talk about our different ideas. We have somewhat different, but similar ideas, but we need to tie them all together on mondays session. We talked about that maybe some concept would work better with different things. For example, The Spring-Heeled Jack might not work for loungewear, but works for eveningwear or tailoring.

1. My inspiration comes from the stories of Spring-Heeled Jack and The Terror of London. Spring heeled jack is an entity that first appeared in the Victorian era.

2. This year is the 350th anniversary of the Great Fire of London. Inspiration of buildings, colours, and fire. 

3. Just doing some research on Victorian Fashion, for both men and women.


So, on tuesday, Kait Bolongaro came to uni, and talked about the brand history, phoilosophy, showed us some of her products and told ous the story behind them.

The brand is strongly influenced by british heritage, inspired by the victorian era and vintage clothing. Quite gothic and dark, with the menswear more inspired by military. The wholw brand itself  uses a lot of print, and detailing.

I am very intrigued with the brand, how they don't technically focus on being fashionable, but something that will last long. Something personal for someone.

Before Kait came, we actually talked to Iain about fashion and style, and what the difference between those are. I think that talk made me think more about how people view clothes differently in a way. From mass-production which has, basically no story behind it, and something from Bolongaro Trevor, which is so well thought out and tells a story.

We devided on womenswear and menswear groups.
I am doing womenswear for this project, and we decided to a more groups within the group to focus on:
Loungewear, tailored jackets/coats, relaxed outerwear, jersey, trousers, skirts/dresses, eveningwear.