Thursday, 28 April 2016


Hello! These last two weeks has been very stressful as I've tried to sort out how to make the shirt dress worked. I finally figured out how it would work on friday, and started drafting my pattern from a shirt block. Our toile review was this tuesday, so I came in on saturday to cut out all my patterns and ready to sew on monday.

I finished most of the dress on monday, but I had to get some help on the leather jacket. Thankfully, Ellie made the toile for the leather jacket and I just gave her my technical drawing. We did some small changes, as for where the zip will be attached.

On tuesday, my toile was close to done, I didn't attach the collar, but I did attach one sleeve to see the fit. We discussed that drafting the dress from the shirt pattern (the basic loose fitting shirt) made it too loose and swallowed the person wearing it. We tried to take it in, but we realised it would be easier to just redraft the pattern from a hip block. Initially, my design was going to have it as a loose shirt dress with a belt cinching the waist, but Iain suggested not to have belt loops (which I wanted) on the dress, since people with different heights would obviously different waists. So, I scrapped that, but decided to still have a belt. I also agreed that the dress looked better if it was more fitted, so I started again. Hopefully it won't take me long as I know how to do it now.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Monday + tuesday

On monday we finally started to start toiling our garments. Most of us were not making our own designs. We decided to swtich things up as, so some of us would be the designer and the other the garment constructed, so we learned how to communicate and explain our designs. However, that didn't happen for me, as... Actually, I'm not sure how that happened, but I think it was that no one volunteered to make my dress, so on friday when I toiled with Kait, I decided I would do it. 

So monday was basically just cutting out and figuring out how to make the dress.

Tuesday was a little more complicated. Iain looked at the board and wasn't very satisfied with what we've decided. Some of the garments wasn't even on the board at the time, because people took them home. So it looked like there were only 2-3 outfits on the board. We had to redo our line up AGAIN (for the 5-6 time), which was frustrating. We also had to decide which fabric each garment could use as we don't have enough of one fabric (the striped one). The process was slow as some people took some of Kaits comment on firday, literally. We were all getting frustrated as we've spent about the whole morning on this process, and toile reviews are next week. Mind you, I still have no clue how to make this dress and on top of that, I also need to make a jacket.

So this is our final (ACTUAL FINAL THIS TIME) line up

After the morning, I talked to Alena about the construction and the technical side of the dress I'm making. We decided to make it a bit more interesting that just attaching a strip of fabric on the sides and hopefully also save a lot of fabric, and it kind of also goes into what I want to do, which is creative pattern cutting. However, this gives me a lot to think about and to work out, because we weren't 100% sure if this would work. I started toiling on a mini mannequin. We decided to try it with different panels at the front.

I also found time to talk to Anna about the report. I have written about the brand and done a SWOT analysis. So hopefully, next tuesday I'll have more to show her. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Design selection with Kait Bolongaro

On tuesday, Kait Bolongaro came in to have a look at our line up. She was a bit dissapointed, as it still did not work for her. It didn't come otgether as a collection, and it didn't reflect her design aesthetics. She talked about how her and Stuart get most of their inspiration from military and the practicality of the garments, and that she couldn't see any of that in our designs.

So on tuesday, the womenswear group (well, most of us) had a talk with Kait individually to discuss our designs and fabrication. We showed her the leather we're going to use for the leather jacket, which got her excited. We laid out the leathers, fabrics and prints for her.

From there we got a lot og work done, most of us went back to out inital design, with small changes.

When I talked to Kait we discussed the leather jacket, as I'm the one making it. With the foiling detail and the pattern on the leather, she told me that I should play with the leather on the stand, to see where the pattern should go on the body, instead of design and deciding where it should go.

She also discussed the shirt dress, and she showed me how to drape it on the stand. We decided to have it printed, while using the sptried fabric, so when draped, all the stripes would go in different directions.

My design on the right with the striped fabrics.

Line up

On monday we tried to finalize our line up, as the womenswear line up was not very cohesive the last session before Easter. However, we still had the same problem we've had for over three weeks, the collection not coming together because it doesn't look like ONE story. So on monday we spent the whole day trying to sort out the line up. Iain showed us how a collection would be lined up on the runway, and how the different transitions work, which was quite interesting.

Some of my design got changed as they did not go with the rest of the collection, so one of the draped coats I've design has turned into a shirt dress.

We also chose fabrication for each outfit, so by the end of the day we had it all on the board for Kait to have a look at on tuesday. We also decided to flat drawings of each garment, front and back for when she comes.

The menswear group has also done a mini boys version for their collection, as an additional kidswear. So we decided we would do one outfit for the womenswear as well. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Easter - work progress

Tomorrow, we will begin sessions again, hopefully tomorrow we will have a finalized the range plan with Kait and Iain. 

During Easter, I've been ill and traveling. Sadly also having issues with my laptop, so had quite a difficult time to do some work. However, the outerwear was sorted before we left for holidays, so I only did a few more sketches, so hopefully that will be ok. And I will be bringing in all my sketches for tomorrows session, from initial designs to more developed. 

I've also been trying to write the learning agreement and started the report. As I am a little confused to how to start the report, so I've started with doing some research on the brand, doing a SWOT and the brand history and philosophy. Hopefully, that will get the ball rolling. 

It's hard to write about the job role, as we weren't specifically told what our role was, but I'd like to think of it as a part of a design team, producing a collection. So, hopefully, that'll be fine. I'll have to talk to someone about it as well.