Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Line up

On monday we tried to finalize our line up, as the womenswear line up was not very cohesive the last session before Easter. However, we still had the same problem we've had for over three weeks, the collection not coming together because it doesn't look like ONE story. So on monday we spent the whole day trying to sort out the line up. Iain showed us how a collection would be lined up on the runway, and how the different transitions work, which was quite interesting.

Some of my design got changed as they did not go with the rest of the collection, so one of the draped coats I've design has turned into a shirt dress.

We also chose fabrication for each outfit, so by the end of the day we had it all on the board for Kait to have a look at on tuesday. We also decided to flat drawings of each garment, front and back for when she comes.

The menswear group has also done a mini boys version for their collection, as an additional kidswear. So we decided we would do one outfit for the womenswear as well. 

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