Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Design selection with Kait Bolongaro

On tuesday, Kait Bolongaro came in to have a look at our line up. She was a bit dissapointed, as it still did not work for her. It didn't come otgether as a collection, and it didn't reflect her design aesthetics. She talked about how her and Stuart get most of their inspiration from military and the practicality of the garments, and that she couldn't see any of that in our designs.

So on tuesday, the womenswear group (well, most of us) had a talk with Kait individually to discuss our designs and fabrication. We showed her the leather we're going to use for the leather jacket, which got her excited. We laid out the leathers, fabrics and prints for her.

From there we got a lot og work done, most of us went back to out inital design, with small changes.

When I talked to Kait we discussed the leather jacket, as I'm the one making it. With the foiling detail and the pattern on the leather, she told me that I should play with the leather on the stand, to see where the pattern should go on the body, instead of design and deciding where it should go.

She also discussed the shirt dress, and she showed me how to drape it on the stand. We decided to have it printed, while using the sptried fabric, so when draped, all the stripes would go in different directions.

My design on the right with the striped fabrics.

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