Thursday, 28 April 2016


Hello! These last two weeks has been very stressful as I've tried to sort out how to make the shirt dress worked. I finally figured out how it would work on friday, and started drafting my pattern from a shirt block. Our toile review was this tuesday, so I came in on saturday to cut out all my patterns and ready to sew on monday.

I finished most of the dress on monday, but I had to get some help on the leather jacket. Thankfully, Ellie made the toile for the leather jacket and I just gave her my technical drawing. We did some small changes, as for where the zip will be attached.

On tuesday, my toile was close to done, I didn't attach the collar, but I did attach one sleeve to see the fit. We discussed that drafting the dress from the shirt pattern (the basic loose fitting shirt) made it too loose and swallowed the person wearing it. We tried to take it in, but we realised it would be easier to just redraft the pattern from a hip block. Initially, my design was going to have it as a loose shirt dress with a belt cinching the waist, but Iain suggested not to have belt loops (which I wanted) on the dress, since people with different heights would obviously different waists. So, I scrapped that, but decided to still have a belt. I also agreed that the dress looked better if it was more fitted, so I started again. Hopefully it won't take me long as I know how to do it now.

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