Monday, 9 May 2016


Hello! even though it's Monday, I've felt like I'm non stop working. I thought I would already have cut out in my final fabric by Friday, but some of the amendments has taken me some time, also today I also toiled the jacket with lining, just to make sure everything works, so I don't mess up when I'm actually sewing on leather... And we had some issues sorting out if we wanted a half lining, how to finish the edges and so on. So eventually, we ended up doing a lining in the whole jacket except the peplum, and also leaving the edges raw and painting them.

I also planned to cut out all my pattern pieces today, but the situation didn't really allow that. The fabric I initially wanted to use for my shirt dress, I realised the stripes went horizontally instead of vertically. And with my pattern pieces being so long, I couldn't lay them the other way. I wanted to use another fabric, but by that time everyone had left and I couldn't access the cupboard.

So hopefully everything will go more smoothly tomorrow. The other thing that slowed me down as well, is the lack on organisation on my side. Keeping all my pattern pieces organised and planning the day. And the fact that I'm still ill is affecting my normal work ethic...

On the bright side, Ellie and I has decided to work on the leather jacket together. Hopefully this will make it easier, and give us both experience on the leather machines.

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