Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Toile review, leather jacket amendments

So on Tuesday, we had a look at the toile for the leather jacket. Not much too me done, just have to do some amendments and also make a pattern for the facing, lining and attach the zip to see the fit. Also had a problem with the sleeves so I unpinned one, and redid one of them.

Most of the day consisted of redoing some patterns, for both the leather jacket and shirt dress, because I didn't have calico. However, I've ordered some today, hopefully I'll have everything ready for Friday, so i can start cutting out and doing the finale make.

Less than two weeks till hand-in, I think I will be struggling a little bit, but hopefully get everything done. Don't really have much of a choice, but it's because of our slow progress that we're so behind at this point. We're not in the studio today, but hopefully if I get to cut everything out, I can sew the toiles at home.

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