Friday, 10 July 2015

Design identity

I've been struggling with my summers project, so I've put it on hold for a bit. I've been thinking about it, and talked with some of my friends and family. Identity has always been a difficult subject for me, as I grew up in a small town in Norway in a chinese household. Even now, I can never identitify myself as either chinese or norwegian, because I don't feel like I can "fit" into either.

But in a way also think I'm lucky to be able to grow up with two completely different cultures. I think growing up in Norway has made me appreciate nature and the beauty of mother nature. Growing up in my chinese household, I've learned that hard work pays of and to take nothing for granted.

Still with this, I think there's more to me than just being hard working and loving nature. My parents todl me recently "you know who you are. Because the things that inspire you, the things you love, your thoughts and morals makes you who you are."

So, with this... I'll try and start my sketchbook.

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