Sunday, 17 January 2016

Consumer profile + individual task

Individual task:
Magazine editorials - Magazines we want to be featured in, third party promotion.

This is the consumer profile I've made based on what we discussed as a group, how we wanted our brand to be and who it was for. I thought it might be helpful to do a consumer profile, before researching into what kind of magazines that we would like to be featured in, and that represents us.

Our main target, both genders from the age of 21-35, young working professionals. With that in mind, I quickly thought of Jack Harries from Jacksgap. Young working professional, traveller, strongly believes in a sustainability and environment. He also makes videos on youtube, which we mention could be a gateway fo communication to our customers. 

One of the magazines I've looked into is called Cereal. Cereal is a bi-annual travel and lifestyle magazine. It has a certain aesthetic and minimalism, that I think our group is looking for. They also do city guides and journals, which I feel goes with the whole theme of travelling, raincoats and our whole brand.

"The magazine, published twice a year, is divided into city-specific chapters. Each chapter comprises stories on places, people and products, paired with striking photography. An interlude section, included in every volume, features a selection of style and culture articles."

Screenshorts form their website

I have not looked into other magazines yet, but I will do more research after group our meeting tomorrow, to see and confirm if this is the sort of aesthetic we're going for.

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