Thursday, 28 January 2016

Formal presentation + group meetings

Today we had our formal presentation for our tutors. We've had several group meetings to discuss what each of us need to do. I would like to admit that I haven't done as much work this week, as I would like to do. However, I looked into more future collaborative work with magazine, since we wanted to have more options, and get a bigger audience. So, I went to London yesterday, and got another magazine called Another Escape, Kinfolk (an obvious one) and also The Travel Almanac. The reason why I think these magazines would be great, or all the magazines that I've chosen to look at is, that it's not targeted for just females or male, but quite unisex. I actually purchased Cereal and Another Escape as a reference for our Zine. These magazines have a simple minimalistic look that we aim to have in our zine.

I also went to the V&A and saw that they had a little section on british rainwear from 1910 - 2015.
(photos coming up soon)

We also decided to SWOTs and PESTs for our main competitiors such as Stutterheim and Hunter. I've done some keyword points for the business plan, but plan to do some more work on that part this weekend.

After our presentation, we all agreed on the feedback we got, that we should maybe make a website where you can design your raincoat instead of an app. The reason for that is because of the costs of making an app, and also as one of our tutors mentioned, which is very true, that none of us thought about, but kind of clicked when it was mentioned. She mentioned space on the Iphone, since people have downloaded 'basic' social media apps, not many people might have space for different apps that are not necessary in their every day life. Personally, I relate to that, and I know some of my friends do as well. So we decided to make a website instead, which is mobile friendly as well. And maybe develop the app later, but if we had time, just do a mock up of what it would look like.

I also brought up an idea (not a very good one), but hey. So I brought up and idea of maybe having a little character to guide you through the website. Kind of Monki esc, but maybe a more simpler figure. Well, In my head I just had a stick figure with an umbrella, but that sounds silly when I put it in writing. But yeah, we decided that it wasn't very appropriate since our main consumer were young professionals, and that it might be too cute.

And we all decided to do our own separate work for now, and present all the work we've done on monday, so we can collate it all into our zine. 

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