Thursday, 7 January 2016

Global sourcing / research and branding

Our group met together again for the first time after christmas today. We quickly started to discuss our ideas and what we wanted to do, as we wanted to get our idea clear quickly, so we could start developing, and kind of getting the ball rolling. We all brought up the subject of ethical and sustainability, and we all agreed we didn't want this to be the main focus of our brands. We all agreed on sustainability shouldn't define our brand because we want to make it something that's normal, that it's not a 'big deal' that it is sustainable, and that is how it should be.

Our initial idea was doing accessories, kind of something for graduates and something that could be personalized on an app.

Later I brought up an idea I had this christmas (which I didn't really think was an great idea, but I brought it up anyways). I thought about why there aren't 'nice' raincoats. Because it seems all raincoats kind of look the same, and it's not the kind of (personally) what I would go for, so I don't own one. And so living in England, I get soaked most of the time. So I got the idea of maybe making raincoats out of recycled plastic, G star Raw esc and making it more contemporary and sleek.

To my surprise,the group was really keen on the idea and we had a really good discussion as a group and developed the initial idea more as a group. So we wanted to combine the recycled raincoats with being able to using an app to personalize your own raincoat. Giving the consumer a different shopping experience through apps and maybe being able to personalize in store on tablets (similiar to NikeID)

When it came to our group name/brand name we wanted it to be something that reflects us and the brand. So having 5 different languages in the group, we came up with the name YR, which in norwegian means drizzle or fine rain. And we wanted to incorporate the rune of the word into our logo as well. The word YR is quite a tongue twister for non norwegian speakers as well, so it would be a good talking subjects as well, we thought.

So all in all, I think our brand has a strong scandinavian vibe.

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