Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Niche oppurtunity area + talk with Una Burke

So on the same day as we met up before christmas, after lunch we had Una Burke as our guest speaker. She talked about her work, and her journey to where she is now and having her own brand. (I will take a photo of my notes and add it to this post). She talked about costumers and pricing and building your reputation and brand.

After her talk, we filled out our Niche oppurtunity sheet. We developed our brand and product more, what's our weaknesses and strengths, what separates us from other brands and so on.

One of our weaknesses were actually, what we spoke about was: How are we going to source our fabric? We wanted to use recycled plastic for our raincoat, because we thought it kind of went hand in hand together, with plastic being water resistant. We have a strong ethics about sustainability and environment. So the first thing we thought was: How is the process of recycling plastic into fabric? Is it eco-friendy? How much energy is required?

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