Thursday, 18 February 2016


Last week we had a lecture on sustainability, talking about climate change and how this causes a weird pattern in the weather around the world. Also, looking into oppurtunity for prosperity in the industry, which is already happening. Brands changing their business strategies and taking social responsibilities.

However, we also talked about the cynical need for green fashion, which is more driven by consumerism than anything else. I found this very interesting. A brand, for example; H&M and H&M conscious, they have their conscious collection to kind of justify for the rest of the brand, in the way that the collection is quite small and minimal, and the way the communicate is no different from any non sustainable high street brands, for example in the way the use a celebrity endorsement in their products. This is understandable, when your competitors are Topshop, Primark, River Island etc which does not have a strong focus on sustainability.

I haven't made up an opinion around this yet, but I have just been thinking about it...

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