Sunday, 6 March 2016


So, on tuesday, Kait Bolongaro came to uni, and talked about the brand history, phoilosophy, showed us some of her products and told ous the story behind them.

The brand is strongly influenced by british heritage, inspired by the victorian era and vintage clothing. Quite gothic and dark, with the menswear more inspired by military. The wholw brand itself  uses a lot of print, and detailing.

I am very intrigued with the brand, how they don't technically focus on being fashionable, but something that will last long. Something personal for someone.

Before Kait came, we actually talked to Iain about fashion and style, and what the difference between those are. I think that talk made me think more about how people view clothes differently in a way. From mass-production which has, basically no story behind it, and something from Bolongaro Trevor, which is so well thought out and tells a story.

We devided on womenswear and menswear groups.
I am doing womenswear for this project, and we decided to a more groups within the group to focus on:
Loungewear, tailored jackets/coats, relaxed outerwear, jersey, trousers, skirts/dresses, eveningwear.

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