Monday, 21 March 2016

Initial designs and developments

So last week we mainly focused on choosing our final line up of design. Last week on monday we talked about making a range plan and how that works for the kind of collection we're making. The autumn/winter 16/17 collection would go into the christmas season, which mens you would have some eveningwear dresses/shirts, and maybe less daydresses.

So we decided on:
Outerwear – 6  (3 soft, 2 statement, 1 leather good) – Yu Lin, Nicha, Zaida 
Dresses – 8 (3 evening, 5 day dresses)– Bethan, Shaowei, Jingbao, Jade, Abbie
T-shirts/shirts – 7 (3 statement shirts, 4 print shirts)– Ellie, Chloe, Lauren
Trousers/skirts – 6 (3 trousers, 3 skirts)  – Nan, Maisy, Lauren
Loungewear – 8 – Imani, Poppy

Overall, 35 pieces. 

But of course, it might change according our designs.

On tuesday sadly, I was not in because I was ill, but from what I heard from our group, they did some design and had Iain feedback, and then came back with some feefeedbacks to everyone about what our key elements that we want in our designs.

"They feature to consider when designing, and development;
Ruffled necks, mandarin collars, collar and revere  
Lace up (corseting) 
Pleats (sizing) 
Sleeve development
Exaggeration of detail

On friday we got our fabrics, so we could have a more idea what our final outcome will look. We each got a little swatch and continued to design over the weekend for our design selection, which was this monday.

We soon realized that this the key elements we wanted was too broad, which made it very difficult this monday when we had to select our design, as some of it connected very well, but some did not. On our side (outwear), we've been communicating well and made slight changes so it atleast links on our part. So I think the outwear pieces are on lock.

Here are some of my designs

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