Saturday, 12 March 2016

Overall concept/story

So this week has been about finalizing the consept for all the different groups (menswear, womenswear and communication). On monday everyone pinned their  ideas on boards, and we went though all of them.

Womenswear had a lot of different ideas, being so many people (aroud 15 people I believe), that somewhat kind of tied together in some way. The great fire of London, Spring-Heeled Jack, Darwinism, Crystal Palace, Skulls, Dracula, Teddy Girls and Victorian architecture.

The menswear group was more concentrated since they were only 5 in their group, focusing on the Boar War.

The communicating group had ideas for the film with a lot of visuals.

Each group decided to write down a few key words from their boards, what stood out and what link everything together.

We decided that our condept as a whole would be "Aftermath". Something that runs through everyones concept is something that happens. A traumatic experience that could lead to post traumatic stress. I know in the womenswear group, we came up with the story of a strong woman who has been trhough all these traumatic events and overcome them in some way.

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