Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Range plan

So this week has been a bit difficult and confusing. For me atleast. So we talked about each groups within the womenswear group to have different stories, or to tell different stories and Iain told us that we might've devided us into groups that might not actually help us work better. 

And after researching more into silhouettes and print/textures, we all agreed that we starting going away from the story, but later on we decided to tell all the different sotire through the print. So, it was fine. But we moved the pictures around on the board again, into print/texture and shapes/silhouettes.

We also agreed on a rangeplan - which was quite interesting, I never actually realized that there was a  strategy to the whole process. So for us, designing a fall/winter collection, we could have more of evening dresses (for christmas season) than maybe everyday dresses, maybe more tailoring, and coats. 

We also purchased some leather for both the womenswear and menswear. For womenswear we got a beautiful brown leather with some gunmetal rusty looking foil(?) It goes really well with our whole concept of aftermath and decay. We got this, and we also got some dark brown suede, which both menswear and womenswear are using, to tie the collections together.

This is our range plan - for now atleast, it might change as we make the garments.

Outerwear (includes statement coats, casual/soft jackets  – 6 – Yu Lin, Nicha, Zaida
Dresses (Evening, day dresses, casual – 8 – Bethan, Shaowei, Jingbao, Jade, Abbie
T-shirts/shirts (button ups and casual t shirts)  – 7 – Ellie, Chloe, Lauren
Trousers/skirts – 6 – Nan, Maisy, Lauren
Loungewear – 8 – Imani, Poppy

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