Sunday, 13 March 2016


On tuesday, Kait Bolongaro came in to hear about our finalized ideas and to look at our boards. She looked at ours and liked out finalized conept and different ideas. However, she decided to pin the board differently. Pinning together colour pallettes, shapes, print ideas and over all theme running through the collection. The way she pinned everything made everything so much clearer and made it a lot easier for every one.

She also asked us to do more research on silhouettes, which was one of the key things missing from our research. We split just before for lunch and did our individual research on shapes that fit best to what we each wants to make. 

I've decided to do outerwear, so this is the research I've done. (Have one more moodboard that I will be puutting up here tomorrow)

In both moodboards I tried to look of modernized shapes and detailing from the victorian era. I quite like the detail of the sleeves, and the shape where it goes in at the waist. 

The other moodboard I have is more focused on literally victorian fashion, and too see what inspired designers today and how they changed it and made it more contemporary. 

After lunch Kait decided to split the womenswear group into smaller groups of 5. Since that would make the communication easier. So we split it so we have different people in each group, 1 outerwear, 1 dress/tops, 1 trousers/skirts, 1 casual outerwear and print floating between all 3 groups. 

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