Sunday, 10 April 2016

Easter - work progress

Tomorrow, we will begin sessions again, hopefully tomorrow we will have a finalized the range plan with Kait and Iain. 

During Easter, I've been ill and traveling. Sadly also having issues with my laptop, so had quite a difficult time to do some work. However, the outerwear was sorted before we left for holidays, so I only did a few more sketches, so hopefully that will be ok. And I will be bringing in all my sketches for tomorrows session, from initial designs to more developed. 

I've also been trying to write the learning agreement and started the report. As I am a little confused to how to start the report, so I've started with doing some research on the brand, doing a SWOT and the brand history and philosophy. Hopefully, that will get the ball rolling. 

It's hard to write about the job role, as we weren't specifically told what our role was, but I'd like to think of it as a part of a design team, producing a collection. So, hopefully, that'll be fine. I'll have to talk to someone about it as well. 

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