Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tuesday - week 9

So, today has been an absolute shit day, to put it nicely. I've spent most of the day trying to cu tour both my garments. The leather jacket, Ellie and I struggled for hours trying to fit on the skin. We had to add some suede panels because we didn't have enough of the foil leather. After adding the suede, we still didn't have enough, so we had to cut the sleeves in half and have them as panels.

I apologise for not having any photos to this post, I took loads of pictures throughout the day, but when I came home I realised by phone is broken, and it's literally not saving or deleting any photos.
The other problem that came up is that the leather is "cracking?" It's really fragile around the edges, and starting to tear slightly, so I need to back it.

Everything is going horribly slow, hand in is on Friday, and I'm slightly panicking now... Hopefully, I'll sort out my phone so I can upload some photos.

UPDATE: I've managed to restore all the lost photos.

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